Does the Internet look inward?

I love the Internet.
I'm not of the digital generation, but the internet has allowed me to see that the world outside of our existing common subject matter communities can be interesting.

The Internet is an integral part of our daily communication methods.
Know-it-all sociologists say that the advent of the Internet has reduced the amount of going out and communicating in person, but this is not true.

Interesting places can be found on the Internet, and in some cases, you can actually go there. You can find interesting places on the Internet, and you are more likely to actually go there.
In the absence of the Internet, there were fewer opportunities to get out and about to maintain existing communities.

Moreover, we received a lot of things from the Internet.
And while that fact may seem disgusting at times, I think it can be a life-enriching tool in its own right, if it finds its proper use.