Photoshop is magic

Sonntag, 21. Juni 2020 - in gadget

I find Photoshop, which I use in, to be a really strange and versatile tool that can do a lot of things.For example, after drawing a picture and coloring it for the first time, I can add an effect to the color, or make it look more cheeky by putting reddish color on the skin.


It's not only a drawing tool, but also an excellent image editor, so it's very interesting to scan and manipulate your memories.In particular, what I found so interesting that I burst out laughing was when I tried distorting my friend's face with the fingertip tool, and it turned out to be an extraordinary expression.


Whether for personal use or as a way to pass the time, this tool is still too deep and I think you'll find something new every time you touch it.If you want to draw an illustration that is full of individuality, or if you want to make your picture more beautiful, this tool is a must have for you.


The price is high, but I think it's worth it.